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 Official Administrator Ruiles

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PostSubject: Official Administrator Ruiles   Thu Sep 11, 2014 2:48 pm

                                         Official Administrator Rules for *CM*Clan

    Useful links with helpful info on commands etc.

 1. Newbs (those new to the game), and Noobs (those not new but who don't play very well) are WELCOME here. If playing  with a newb or new player, not expected but if you help them learn and get better they tend to be loyal and stick around.  We all had to start  somewhere.

 2. If you are banning someone get a screenshot all their info(Or you can write it down).
 On our server(Silent Mod)do:!userinfo or !finger (Use !list to get silent id) and then /autoscreenshot , The screenshot will be saved in  C:\Program  Files\Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory\silent\screenshots\

Tip: Hold ALT then press ~ and the console will then take up the full window.
All bans are required to be posted on forums

 3. It is also good to get info when you kick someone as well just in case.
Members are required to !warn before taking any further action.
After a !warn you can !mute (If it is chat related) for 60 seconds, 600 seconds, and then permanent. (Please post that you have  permanently muted someone and for what reasons)
Do NOT fast track to a kick. Example someone is being a pain, don’t just !warn player and then !kick player right after.
If a player is pushing/shooting/harassing another player warn him to stop if he continues, put him spectator.
If he responds disrespectful verbally follow the mute procedure.
If he joins back in the game and continues to harass the player, !kick him.
If he comes back and continues to harass temp ban !ban player 43200 harassment, I think you can also do !ban player 12h  harassment.

 4. You are required to post that you promoted someone or demoted. If demoting this should also be discussed in leaders section  before decision is made.

 5. If you are inactive for longer than 1 month you will be marked as inactive.When you return (Depending on the amount  of time) you may have lost multiple levels. Aproximately 1 level every Month  depending on  situtation. Your levels will  return over time when you return, to get you back into the swing of things.On the note of returning, make sure you post  that you have returned.If you posted that you were going to be inactive it  will help greatly as we can have someone take  your position while you  go  inactive.

 6. All members should check the forums at least once every other day. (IMPORTANT)

 7. If a player is breaking a minor rule, Make sure you inform them what they are doing wrong.
Do not assume a player(players) are ok with something just because they do not respond.

 8. Do not assume 100% of the server is ok with something because 75% are ok.
(Example: Lets all have a knife war! 3 people say ok, 1 person does not respond. Do not go ape oops on him when he is  not using a  knife, he did not agree to a knife war.)

 9. Dual Clanning is not allowed.

 10. You are REQUIRED to wear clan tags on server, however they are not required on any other server unless you are  there  representing our clan(Scrimming) In certain cases a higher administrator will go incognito for various reasons. When  this is done you are not allowed to  retain  your level or commands. This can be accomplished by installing a second ET in  a different folder ex. documents or rename the folder if in programs when installing like  C:\Program  Files\My Second Love.  Then when you open that game you are a nobody. Keep in mind an administrator can still figure out who you are because  your IP is the same.

 11. Make sure to get proof of anything that may be evidence for your cause.

 12. If someone needs to be unbanned be sure to post that you plan on unbanning someone, give it 48 hours and then if  there are no  objections you may unban. Try to get in touch with the original banner if available.

 13. Do not just level up a member for being a member, level him up for being a good member.(Follows rules, tries to help  out, is  respectful).

 14. If A member(Of Any Level) is caught breaking any of the major rules (Abuse,Dual Clanning,Extreme Disrespect), The  leaders  should create a thread in leader section with evidence.All other leaders will vote on whether to kick/demote/ban    from clan. If the accused is a member of the leader section, he may defend himself as long as he remains calm, If he is not  a leader he  should be questioned via PM for what reasons he had to break the rules.

 15. Obey the chain of command. If a member is higher level than you, you should trust them and if something does not f  feel right,  agree then contact a leader or higher and discuss.
If you can't contact anyone then the forums would be a good place to figure it out.

 **There is zero (0) tolerance for False accusations. All false accusations will be dismissed and the accuser will be  punished  warned to retract their complaint, if they do not they may be subject to a temp or permanent ban***

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Official Administrator Ruiles
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