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 Official Server Rules

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PostSubject: Official Server Rules   Thu Sep 11, 2014 3:22 pm

                             The Official Server Rules Of *CM* Clan.

 1. Respect both members and guests. Treat people as you want to be treated.

 2. Do not hack, cheat, aimbot, etc. Do not bring a known cheater to our servers. Our policy for the use of bots and hacks on our server is  ZERO TOLERANCE. If you are caught, you will immediately be banned. If you are banned and
change et keys or IP's to come back on our server and caught, you'll be banned again, even if you aren't doing it any longer. Remember on this rule there is NO  tolerance and NO forgiveness.

 3. No accusing other players for admin abuse, hax, etc while on server. Take screenshot, demo or condumps as a proof and post it in complaint section of forums.

 4. Follow the chain of command and don't question the senior administrator. If the administrator is out of hand: Report it to the forum(With evidence if you can), don't get involved any further.

 5. Do not spam.
 6. No trick jumping (objective related)

 7. No talk of drugs, alcohol. Do not be immature, annoying, or talk about "adult" things. (Drugs, sex, etc.) Cussing, vulgarity, and flaming is prohibited. Lets keep it kid friendly.

 8. Players are not allowed to give other clan server IP's on our servers to any other players. No advertising of other clan server IP's in private messages, fireteam or general chat. Violation to this rule will lead to ban.
 9. Advertising links or information about cheats is not acceptable
 10. Do not cause drama and headaches.

 11. Do not teamkill (Or Fire at / Push teammates repetitively).

 12. Do not end short maps too fast. Let around half of the mission time pass.
 13. Balance teams if needed. Good administrators should notice and adjust.

 14. Speak English in chat, You may use any language in private messages.

 15. Do not spawnkill with any heavy weapons or artillery/ airstrikes in spawn area . Do not continue to camp at spawn (especially if it is only one the way out).

 16. Our Server is objective oriented. Do not goof off or please go to spectator and allow bots to help.

 17. Do not skip a stage to complete game, for example Do not sneak a covert and engineer into fueldump in back until tank is out of tunnel Or sneaking through water pumps on axis

 18. Medics are expected to be a team player as they are a primary chosen class, you are expected to heal and revive your teammates.

 19. Game Glitches/Exploits-Taking advantage of glitches in the game that are not intended to be part of the game. This can get you !warned, !kicked, Or !banned.

 20. Stealing XP is unacceptable on the Server. Some examples of this would be:
a. Defusing another team mates dynamite so you can plant your own and get credit for blowing an objective.               
b. Disarming another's landmine so you can plant in the same place.
c. Pushing off a team mate constructing so you can construct and get the xp (Helping construct is okay) d. Shooting a team mate who has plenty of health so you can revive them for xp. Shooting a team mate who is almost dead because it will be quicker to revive him than fill him with health packs is okay, as long as that team mate doesn't  mind.
e. Pushing off a covie so you can steal the uniform first when he is already in the process of stealing the uniform.
These examples are not all inclusive, but you get the idea.
 21. If you are here to be a "douche" (constant complaining, verbal abuse of other players, constant whining) then you are subject to be kicked off our server simply because you are taking away from the enjoyment of other players. If you have a complaint or suggestion, bring it to the forums.

 22. FUN: We are all here to have fun. The rules set forth previously are only meant to ensure that players and members will have fun while playing. These rules have been established and will be enforced with that in mind.
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Official Server Rules
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